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Jolynn Reigeluth


Jolynn Reigeluth is an Indianapolis-based artist, and she earned her MFA in printmaking from Kansas State University in 2015. Her work has been included in exhibitions across the United States including the Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Pacific States Biennial North American Printmaking Exhibition, Americas 2019: Paperworks, International Print Center New York New Prints, and others. 

Artist Statement

My current body of work earnestly and humorously reflects on the emotional and physical aspects of the human condition and its twisted ironies. I combine an array of printmaking processes with drawing techniques to create print and mixed media hybrids that are inspired by personal experiences and everyday observations. I have a distinct affinity for the absurd and scatological that manifests in these introspective images. The imagery is fueled by humor and spontaneity, and is filled with an inventiveness and ambiguity of subject that ranges from cheekily adolescent to darkly absurd.

A_The Charmers
B_These Are My Legs
Reigeluth_02_Imposter Syndrome
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