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Rosa Maria Dies

My art subject matter comes from my imagination. Most of my art themes are women, but I also make landscapes, still lives and abstracts. My work is simple in design and complex in textures. It is the combination of elements that makes my art special. I am always in search of new forms and textures to use in my work. Color is very important. Most of my pieces are rich in color. Organic forms and nature are frequently present in one form or another. I like to make mixed media works combining printmaking, painting and collage. For my monoprints I start from a collagraph plate that I prepare from a drawing. To print I often do a combination of intaglio and relief printing using a variety of ink viscosities. I always hand pull my own prints in my studio. After the image is transferred to the paper I work on the image adding inks and watercolors to make each one a unique piece of art. The whole process is time consuming and requires patience in every step but for me it is relaxing and very enjoyable. I love to see the result of my labor after many hours of work.

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